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Xplay Gear Silicone 15" Slim Wrap Ring - Black Pack Of 2

Xplay Gear Silicone 15" Slim Wrap Ring - Black Pack Of 2

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Using a special molding process, our premium silicone material is finished with an ultra-premium silicone spray finish that reduces hair grab. The rings do not look imposing but can provide both a gentle or aggressive level of restriction - simply add or reduce the number of wraps.
On each package, you will find an approximation of the wraps attainable for each cord length to achieve functional restriction. Of course, the longer the ring, the more tension range available. In trials, all 4 sizes were worn by our testers, and a customer could use all sizes in their play depending on mood and circumstance - in other words, there is no right size. It simply comes down to what you are looking to achieve in the moment.
The 15” model will come in a sexy and eye-catching package. Made of our premium silicone material, it has a 15” Cord length that was designed for 3-5 wraps around the penis in the most fun and creative ways. The possibilities are endless!

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