Do you use your brain and/or body to create adult-oriented content for profit? Awesome! We love you and everything you do, so made the Creator Club to give back. Discounts and profit sharing and coupons... oh my!

TL:DR I just want to sign up.


What are the benefits?

You've probably heard this all before - Discount codes, referral bonuses, wish lists.. the usual stuff, but with more butt plugs! The specifics for each part of the program will be sent over once we confirm you're eligible, and are always getting better.

For now, we can tell you that you'll get a discount code for your own use, good for (almost) everything in the store.

We'll also create a discount code for you to give out to your followers, that will provide them a hefty discount on our products and we also double our affiliate cash back, so you get 20% of the sale for new customers, 10% for existing customers, when they use your personal discount code.

Thanks to ShareCart we now offer anonymous gift registry/wishlists! Got a Pay Pig who is just begging to send you tribute, but don't want them to know your address? We gotchu! Right now you can only either share a single product, or a complete cart, but we're hoping ShareCare will offer more functionality in the future such as being able to build out a wishlist that people can pick and choose items from to send to you in tribute.

Who is eligible?

Our goal is to support adult content creators of all varieties. They key requirements are:

  • You're based out of a country that we sell products in (currently only the USA)
  • You create adult content for profit. Whether you make porn, are a professional sex educator, create handmade sex toys, make furry art on commission, run an OnlyFans, sell feet pics, escort, work for a company that makes adult entertainment, all are welcome!
  • You can provide proof of the previous point - maybe we exchange tweets or emails from your work account, you tag us in something, hold of a copy of today's newspaper in front of your home dildo laboratory.

How do I join?

  1. Create an account on our site, using the email address you want validated
  2. Create an accout at ShareASale (if you want to earn affiliate commission)
  3. Fill out this form, providing us a link, or some proof, of your eligibility.
  4. We'll check that everything is Kosher, and then send you a welcome email once everything is ready. We're a small team, so this may take up to a week or two if things are really busy, so please bear with us.

If there are any issues we'll reach out and let you know where we got stuck.


Does this cost anything?

Nope! The whole point of this program is our way of giving back to those at the front lines of the battle for better orgasms. We benefit by selling products to an educated audience, and maybe you'll tell your friends and fans that we're pretty cool.

Is my information secure?

You betcha! Safety and security is one of our biggest concerns, so we're only releasing new benefits to the program once we're sure they can be done in a safe, and secure way. For example, once we validate your eligibility we delete all traces of the information you provided, and your account just gets added to the Creator Club pool - we don't keep a record of how we confirmed you're eligible, our system just knows you're in the club and eligible for all the cool stuff.

For some future program features there may be a requirement to connect your public persona to a discount or referral code, wishlist, or other thing we haven't thought of yet. If and when this does happen we'll ensure that your personal information (think your real name and address) is kept obfuscated.

Are there any limits/conditions/restrictions on the benefits?

Unfortunately yes. For things like discounts, they don't apply to all products in the store (e.g brands such as Lovense or WowTech). This list changes all the time, but we'll try to keep it up to date on the super secret membership club page.

For discount codes for your followers, these cannot be shared through generic coupon sites - They are intended for your audience, and if we find your code has ended up on a generic coupon site we reserve the right to void any earned commission (we'll work with you first to see if it was an accident).

How long does my membership to the Creator Club last?

It's for life! Once you're verified, you're in the club forever. Change careers? Still eligible. Remember how we said we don't keep a record of how we verified you? That also means we don't bother tracking if people are still 'in the business'.

Can I quit the club?

Sure! If for whatever reason you decide to leave we'll provide a way to opt-out of creator club emails, which will also disable your club access.

Any other boring stuff to know?

Yeah. We're not lawyers, but the general gist is:

  • The specific discounts/offers/other cool things that form the creator club are subject to change at any point in time. We'll always try to make it more betterer, but things can change.
  • Some of the benefits will require you to sign a really basic NDA. This will be usually when we're doing things like profit sharing, where public disclosure of the specific terms and conditions could mean we have to shut that part of the program down. Don't worry, everything will be clear and transparent, and you can opt-in or out of different parts as needed.
  • The club is intended to be a mutually beneficial partnership between you and us. If something happens that means we can't be friends (abuse of the program is the main thing we're thinking of here), then we reserve the right to revoke your club access.