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Weighted Ball Stretcher Black

Weighted Ball Stretcher Black

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Weighted Ball Stretcher Black Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This ring is designed to get you hard and keep you there! Enjoy the ultimate in gratification, weighted for your sensual pleasure. Non-tarnishing and nickel free, this product is safe and worry free. Harness the full potential of your manhood while experiencing extreme pleasure. The Weighted Ball Stretcher is designed with smooth and seamless silicone for comfortable constriction that will leave you begging for more. Three snaps inlaid in ultra stretchy, powder soft silicone provide fully customized support. The four heavy duty weights are the ultimate scrotum stretching hardware. Embedded into the silicone and wrapped around the ring to evenly distribute the 2 ounces of total stretching power, your comfort and pleasure take the front seat. As a solid one piece design, there are no bulky attachments to get in the way. Stretch your parts and your playtime while feeling the perfect amount of swing. If you are ready for intense pleasure and extended playtime, look no further. Comfortable, easy to use, perfectly weighted, and self contained make this the perfect addition to your toy box collection. Your stretching routine just elevated to a whole new level. Materials Silicone, Iron. Warranty information standard 90 days warranty.
Measurements 9 inches by 1 inch ring.

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