TENGA FLEX Spiraling Reusable Masturbation Sleeve

$31.50 $52.50


The FLEX’s spiral-ribbed casing has created “spinning stimulation”. Cover the air hole at the top of the item during use, and the FLEX will wind and unwind, creating a spiraling movement!  

Enjoy the dynamic pleasure made possible with our latest material and intricate design.

Experience “Spinning Stimulation”

Cover the air hole to create an internal vacuum! Using the item with the air hole covered also provides a brand new spiraling sensation!

Choose from Two Distinct Variations

There are two varieties to enjoy, each with different internal details and material strength!

Easy-to-Clean for Peace of Mind

The TENGA FLEX has a removable, invertible sleeve for easy washing, and comes with a drying stand built-in to air-dry the item after washing.

Size (D × W × H inches): 6.93 × 2.89 × 2.89

Insertion Length (inches): 6.10

Insertion Width (inches): 2.00

Weight (lbs): 0.68

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lotion Included

Materials: Elastomer, PP

WARNING: California's Proposition 65