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Sexual Accelerator Gel - .5 Oz

Sexual Accelerator Gel - .5 Oz

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If you have trouble reaching climax, suffer from decreased sensitivity, or just want to reach the greatest possible heights of pleasure, our Sexual Accelerator Gel is at your service. This water-soluble gel can be applied topically to send your pleasure skyrocketing to intense and exciting new places.

This gel is perfect for use solo or with a partner. Apply a few drops directly to your clitoris, and then explore the heavenly tingly sensations and increased pleasure with your fingers or a favorite toy. Or get adventurous with a partner and apply the gel before lovemaking...then have them go to town with the moves that drive you wild and enjoy the new sensations that ensue.

Our is made with the sexual stimulant L-Arginine, which increases clitoral sensitivity as well as frequency of orgasm. More orgasms and easier, more satisfying finishes are at your fingertips. Fifteen milliliters of thesensitivity-inducing gel are ready to enhance your sexual pleasure as often as you please...and you just might not be able to get enough!

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