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Peekaboos Emoji Hearts Pasties - Pack Of 2

Peekaboos Emoji Hearts Pasties - Pack Of 2

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Peekaboos Emoji Hearts Pasties - Pack of 2.
For whatever the occasion, Peekaboos Pasties has the perfect pasty for you. The high-quality, detailed pieces of the Peekaboos Pasties collection provide a vast assortment of styles. With design elements ranging from simplistic ‘X's and hearts in classic colors, to playfully flirtatious tassels, from jeweled adjustable rings to crystal open designs, Peekaboos Pasties offers a selection of the finest in pasty adornment. Whether you search for something subtle to wear under a sheer top or something outrageous to make an outfit of its own, Peekaboos is sure to provide the perfect option for today's vivacious woman.

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