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Pastease Red Holographic Bow Fuller Coverage

Pastease Red Holographic Bow Fuller Coverage

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Pastease Red Holographic Bow Fuller Coverage Pasties. Coverage: Red Holographic Bow Fuller Breast Covers Support Tape by Pastease.For the larger busted, the modest user, the lady looking for a lift and the woman tired of Kotex looking functional nipple covers. Coverage by Pastease offers maximum coverage while offering fashionable, playful yet functional designs. All the function with all the fun and with extra lift too, who does not want that? Size dimensions 4.8 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall. Coverage 2.9 inches. Easy to apply. Just peel and stick on clean, dry skin! All Pastease pasties feature latex free, medical grade, waterproof adhesive that stays securely in place for as long as you like and until they are gently removed. Improved lift and support. Larger busts often require additional lift and support, and that is exactly what Pastease's large coverage style pasties offer. You can enjoy a natural looking lift and feel secure throughout the day or night, no matter the occasion. Enhanced comfort and confidence. The larger coverage ensures that the pasties effectively cover a greater area, offering more support and minimizing the risk of any discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions. With our Coverage Line, you can confidently rock any outfit without worrying about unwanted exposure. Versatile styling options. Enhanced coverage allows for greater options when choosing your next outfit. Whether you are wearing a low cut dress, a backless top, or a plunging neckline, these pasties offer the confidence to wear any style with ease. Safe for skin. All Pastease adhesive products are latex free and leave the skin with no signs of irritation upon removal. Medical grade materials. At Pastease products are hand made, in house, with love while using the highest grade materials. Waterproof. Pastease brand pasties are waterproof and sweat resistant, keeping you worry free for any occasion. Directions for how to apply Pasties: peel off backing from one side of refill square. Stick your used Pastease Coverage onto the refill. Carefully cut away excess adhesive to match the contours of the shape. Make sure nipples and breasts are dry and free of lotions and oils. Peel off backing and apply included nipple pads or single ply tissue no larger than 1.5 inches to the center for piercings or sensitive nipples. Apply once and smooth down edges. Re-celebrate with confidence! Gently remove. Use lotion as needed. Categories: Lingerie, Clothing, Sexy Costume Accessories, Plus Size, Pasties and Accessories, Holiday Items, Xmas items. 2023 Catalog.

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