MOD Love Thruster Sex Machine

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The Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit delivers unmatched performance with long strokes, quiet operation, and an accurate dial controller. Use it at multiple angles while attached to its base. or detach it completely for increased versatility. Features a powerful motor and is CE approved. It also includes a FREE attachment to get you started.

The Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit key features are:

  • Power Mod Love is powered by the strongest motor available in its class, delivering a full 2-inch stroke at 200+ times per minute.
  • Options Mod Love can be used with its supplied stand for a hands-free experience. It can also be detached from its base quickly to become a hand-held toy with unlimited maneuverability.
  • Adjustable Mod Love's unique mounting system allows for positioning the machine in a multitude of directions and angles, allowing its use in any position.
  • Solid Mod Love is mounted to a sturdy metal base that features power suction caps that attach to any smooth surface.
  • Compact Mod Love can be easily set up and disassembled for easy storage.
  • Control Mod Love is controlled by a multi-speed controller that lets you adjust the speed and thrust from easy to explosive speed with the turn of a dial.
  • Size: 66.04 cm / 26" length, 22.86 cm / 9" width. 30.48 cm / 12" height, 2.72 Kg / 6 lbs weight