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Male Power

Leo Leather Harness Black/red O/s

Leo Leather Harness Black/red O/s

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Leo Leather Harness Black/Red O/S from Male Power Lingerie. From the Men's Leather collection by Male Power, this style includes a chest harness with over the shoulder straps and criss cross back straps, fully adjustable with metal snaps. Soft Nubuck Leather with Polyurethane PU coting, heavy metal rings, buckles, and studding. Male Power’s men's fashion Harness collection is ever expanding. Male Power Lingerie loves adding new men's fashion harness designs to choose from. Each is made of high quality materials. These sets can worn as men's lingerie in the bedroom, or out as an outfit accessory. Leo, Latin for Lion, is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It corresponds to the constellation Leo and comes after Cancer and before Virgo. The traditional Western zodiac associates Leo with the period between about July 23 and August 22 and the sign spans the 120th to 150th degree of celestial longitude.

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