F*Ckers! Sex Position Candles

$4.99 $8.75


Surprise your guests and raise a laugh or eyebrow (or two) with Fuckers Sex Position Party Candles Pack by Candyprints. Including 5 rainbow colored candles in raunchy sex positions to stick inside a cupcake, cake or any delicious treat, these colorful, eye-catching party accessories liven up the mood of any adult-themed party. Cheeky adult novelty candle set is perfect for bachelors, bachelorettes, birthdays and anytime you require a hilarious surprise. Light them up and set your celebration on fire with Fuckers Sex Position Party Candles by Candyprints tonight! Colorful cake topper novelties come in 5 original positions with wicks per pack: pick a favorite or use them all at once for your complete enjoyment. @npc2019_61 @vday2020-6