Arcwave Ion Powered Air Masturbation Sleeve

By Arcwave


Experience the ultimate in male pleasure with the Arcwave Ion Powered Air Masturbation Sleeve!

This innovative sex toy uses air pressure technology to stimulate the frenulum, the most sensitive part of the penis.

With its sleek, ergonomic design and powerful motor, the Arcwave Ion offers an intense and unique sensation that you won't find with any other toy.

Made from high-quality materials and easy to clean, this masturbation sleeve is a must-have for any man looking to take their pleasure to the next level.

So why wait? Order your Arcwave Ion today and discover a whole new world of pleasure!

Pleasure Air™

Experience a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on changes in air pressure. As the world’s first product to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum in this way, the Ion promises some of your most intense orgasms yet Pleasure Air™.

Smart Silence™

It's only on when it should be on. Smart Silence starts and stops stimulation automatically as it senses skin contact. Finally, smart technology that just makes sense. Smart Silence™.

Clean Tech Silicone

Keeping your Ion fresh has never been easier. Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone is super smooth, hygienic and durable. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish. Clean Tech Silicone.

Twist to Open

Cleaning and drying don’t have to be a chore. Simply twist apart the device, rinse with water and put your Ion back on the discreet storage base for charging and drying. Twist to open.