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Bring It Up

Bring It Up Breast Shapers - Nude C/d Cup 25 Or More Uses

Bring It Up Breast Shapers - Nude C/d Cup 25 Or More Uses

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Every woman dreams of having perfectly shaped, perky breasts, and these contoured Reusable Breast Shaping Cups won't let you down - literally. Specifically designed to provide maximum lift, Bring It Up Breast Shapers provide total nipple coverage while smoothing, lifting and supporting your breasts.
These unique, comfortable, stretch contour shaping cups were specially designed to provide maximum perkiness by lifting the breast from the top using Bring It Up®'s patented method. The result: perfectly shaped and uplifted breasts. Go braless with total nipple coverage and smooth support.
Undetectable even under the thinnest white t-shirt! Totally seamless under the slinkiest clothes. Adjustable to create sexy cleavage without adding size or padding! Ultra-thin, Stretch Contour Breast Shapers Lift Breasts, Eliminate Sag and Create Cleavage. Maximum Comfort and Nipple Coverage Give Your Breasts a Beautiful Shape.
Features a No Stick Center, Reuse up to 25 times.

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