Help Picking a Sex Toy Brand

There are a LOT of sex toy brands (we currently carry more than 210 different ones), and often these brands will sell very similar looking toys. So how do you know what one to buy? What's the difference between a $10 dildo and a $100 one? In addition to being able to filter our products by filter, we've recently created a Brand Tier for every product in the store.

In essence, this gives you a quick view of what products may have a longer warranty, made from premium ingredients, or have a strong reputation for quality and reliability. This should not be taken as an endorsement for any given product or brand, but help guide you towards the best way to spend your sex toy budget.

We break things down into three different tiers:

These are the best of the best. For toys, they have warranties of at least 1 year, a reputation for reliability and good customer service from the parent brand. They're also often on the cutting edge of dildo science, with features such as internet and app connectivity, quiet motors, and fancy materials.

For other products, such as lubricants or clothing, we're looking for premium materials and a longstanding reputation for quality.

Elite Tier products are generally, but not always, some of the more expensive products we carry.

Some examples are:

These products are great, but may just fall short of Elite in one or more areas. For toys, we're looking for warranties of at least 30 days, up to 1 year. These products are reliable and represent a good balance between value for money, longevity, and a good assortment of features.

For other products, such as lubricants or lingerie, these are reliable staples that may not be made with the most exotic ingredients, but won't let you down.

Some examples in this tier are:

  • Fun Factory have a strong reputation, but their 2 Year Warranty claim process is a bit convoluted which prevents us from putting them in the Elite tier
  • Doc Johnson products have a 90 day warranty, have been around for a long time, and are good value for money.

Value products are on the cheap and cheerful end of the scale. Toys may have warranties of 30 days or less, and have very basic features and capabilities. We pride ourselves on not selling junk, so these products won't break if you look at them wrong, but don't expect to be leaving them to the grandkids in your will.

Think of these as good for experimenting with a new type of toy or play style, lingerie that you won't be sad if it immediately gets torn off you and destroyed, or things like lubricant that you won't feel sad about using up a whole bottle for some slippery massage.

Some examples here are:

  • inmi, Trinity Vibes, STRICT and several other brands are all made by the same parent company (XR Brands) and have a 30 day warranty, but are all around solid performers
  • Dreamgirl, Allure Lingerie and Coquette are all affordable lingerie brands, however they offer very limited return or warranty options (like most lingerie at this price point)
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