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Zero Tolerance Foaming Masturbator Toy Cleaner 4 Oz

Zero Tolerance Foaming Masturbator Toy Cleaner 4 Oz

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Zero Tolerance Foaming Masturbator Lubricant is a cleanser and sanitizer for Glory Holes and other realistic lifelike sex toys. Check compatibility for other materials. Always clean all sex toys before and after use plus between partners. If you have a masturbation sleeve it is essential that you have a cleaner for it. Do yourself a favor and pick up the foaming masturbator cleaner and sanitizer to make sure your special toys get the cleanest they can get. Not only will it get your toys squeaky clean but it is also antibacterial, and sanitizes and disinfects. Perfect to clean any kind of toy material. It is also odorless and alcohol free. Do not worry if it spills anywhere on you since it is body safe and will not irritate the skin. Pump the foaming cleaner onto your sleeve and let is seep down the tunnel to get every inch clean. Wash off with water and it is that simple! Who does not love clean sex toys? 18

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