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Punishment Lips Paddle

Punishment Lips Paddle

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Deliver a smack that's sealed with a kiss with the Punishment Purple Lips Paddle! This perfectly sized paddle is designed for playful spanks and is a great introduction for couples looking to explore the exciting world of BDSM and punishment play. This paddle may look small, but it can deliver powerful smacks! The lip-shaped cut-outs on one side of the paddle allow you to leave a passionate mark on your partner, depending on how hard you swing. The reverse side is smooth and flat, for a more classic slap. Feel and hear the stinging pleasure as each swing connects, whether you are doling out the punishment or taking it. Made from smooth, faux-leather, this paddle is comfortable to hold and to easy to use. The waxed rope loop at the base of the handle can be used as a wrist strap, so you don't lose control when the intensity really rises, or to hang up the paddle when playtime is over. The paddle is sturdy and flexible, so every spank is scintillating, and every kiss is kinky. Make your mark during a night of passionate play and even add a blindfold or some light restraints to spice things up even more! It's time to be punished by pleasure with Punishment.

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