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Japanese Silk Love Rope 3m(10 Ft) Purple(out June)

Japanese Silk Love Rope 3m(10 Ft) Purple(out June)

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Japanese Silk Love Ropes the art of captivation. Silky ropes for Japanese style Shibari bondage. Includes an array of Shabari inspired accessories to make exotic rope play simple and easy. Silky, soft confinement for your concubine. Get knotty. Japanese Silk Love Rope Purple 10 feet, 3 meters unsurpassed softness, unsurpassed strength. Highly versatile and easy to use. Silky, alluring texture is pleasing to the touch. Rope will not chafe or damage delicate skin. Quality tested, high tensile construction. Perfect for both bondage beginners and experienced players. Materials Nylon. Line: TLC Adult Toys. Sub line: Japanese Silk Love Ropes. Category: Bondage and Domination. Sub category: Ropes. Color: Purple. Japanese Silk Love Rope from Topco Sales. Categories: Bondage, Fetish, Kink, Bondage Restraints, Sex Toys for Couples. 2022.

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