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Divine 9

Divine 9 Water Based Lubricant

Divine 9 Water Based Lubricant

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Divine 9® is a water-based personal lubricant containing our proprietary blend of sea algae extracts.  Divine 9 is so unique and special it has been granted a U.S. Patent and is also patented in all the countries of the European Union, South Korea, and Japan.

Divine 9 provides an intense skin-on-skin sensation for the ultimate sensual experience.  Divine 9 evaporates cleanly, without the sticky feel of other chemical-based lubricants. The special carrageenan in Divine 9 acts as a natural skin moisturizer so no need to wash it off when you're done like so many other brands.​

Divine 9 is great for both intimate encounters and whole-body massage.  After you have used Divine 9 and it begins to disappear, adding a small amount of water will allow the slippery sensation to return.

Divine 9 lubricants are available in two sizes.  The 4-ounce bottle is convenient to use and has nightstand-friendly labeling that little ones won't question if you leave it sitting out.  Repeat customers love the 8-ounce bottle for its convenient pump and great value.
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