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Cloud 9 Novelties

Cloud 9 Power Thruster Sex Machine

Cloud 9 Power Thruster Sex Machine

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Newly Designed with a Smaller Footprint for Portability

The Cloud 9 Sex Machine Power Thruster is a portable sex machine designed with a powerful motor-gear system that is protected with rigid plastic housing. This sex machine features a fully adjustable thruster arm and a chrome-plated handle for stability during use.

 The Cloud 9 Novelties portable Power Thruster comes completely assembled, simply screw on the suction cups and dildo and you are ready to go. The Power Thruster also features a built-in, secure handle grip for stability during play.

This extremely versatile sex machine offers a wired variable speed control. offering a full range of slow to fast speeds, up to 195 strokes per minute. The Power Thruster includes a dildo and is compatible with an adaptor - (adaptor included). This smaller, lightweight sex machine can be used on the bed, from behind, or squatting directly overhead with the handle. Each Portable Power Thruster is shipped with a bonus of 6.5" realistic dildo and dildo adapter.  


The innovative feature of this portable Cloud 9 Sex Machine is a totally adjustable thruster arm that can be angled to give you what you want in all your favorite positions, up to 135 degrees. To change the thrusting angle, simply loosen the adjustment knobs on the machine frame. The Power Thruster includes (4) suction cups to securely mount the machine on a flat surface. 


  • Fully Adjustable Penetration Arm up to 135 degrees 
  • Extended handle grip rail to assist with stability during use
  • Strong oversized suction cups for flat surfaces
  • Dong adaptor included 
  • Wired remote control with variable speed control


  • Integrated adjustable thrust mount -  enabling thrusting at multi-angles
  • Stability screw-on suction cups 
  • Wired variable speed remote hand control 

Bonus accessories included:  

  • Dildo Adaptor included 
  • Realistically Shaped Dildo 

 Variable Speed Control up to 195 RPM 

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