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37.5cm Zelkova Wood Paddle W/ Impression Fuck Me

37.5cm Zelkova Wood Paddle W/ Impression Fuck Me

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37.5cm Zelkova Wood Paddle with Impression F*ck Me from Spartacus Leathers. Give your partner a discipline by spanking with this Wooden Paddle. The Paddle offers a harder hit that leaves the bottom stinging which enhances their pleasure. Do not let the size fool you, this paddle can be thuddy or stingy. Depending on you. light weight enough to play with for as long as you want. Whether you are a Beginner or Experienced Player in BDSM life style this paddle is for You. You can leave an impression F*ck Me on your partner, but whether or not it does is all up to you! Spartacus Zelkova Wood Spanking Paddle with F*ck Me cutout that can leave an impression of the words F*CK Me, on your lover's ass. Plus 14 inches paddle is compact and an easy spanking toy to keep in your bedside table to use anytime. Smooth wood feels good in your hand as you are giving out spankings to your lover. F*ck Me cutout allows air to flow through the paddle as you are spanking your lover to create a smooth swing. Measurement: length 14 inches by width 2.12 inches by .50 inch in height. Spartacus Leathers - Wood Paddle - F*ck Me. .

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